Yellowstone visitors speak out as federal government shuts down

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The last time the federal government shut down for more than two weeks in October 2013, popular destinations in the Mother Lode like Yosemite National Park and New Melones Reservoir were shuttered, and the economies of towns that feed off the tourism they generate grinded to a halt.

At Valley Forge National Historic Park in King of Prussia, a message says that all park buildings, including the visitor center and all rest rooms, are closed.

Additionally, the Eisenhower National Historic Site will be closed during the shutdown. Visitors will be able to access the park, though no visitor services will be available.

With the Republican-controlled Congress proving unable to fund the government by midnight Friday, visitors to USA parks, monuments and memorials are expected to face bare-bones operations - open access without those welcoming uniformed professionals. For the most current information on services offered by Yellowstone National Park Lodges, visit

"It's not like these areas are impervious to impact, to vandalism, to terrorism attacks, to damage", he said.

Golden Gate National Park Service also noted in their announcement that Stinson Beach and Muir Wood National Monument would be closed starting Sunday.

The Trump appointee's go-to attitude is a sharp contrast to the Obama administration's actions on national monuments during the 2013 government shutdown. "We're blessed with our park system, BLM [Bureau of Land Management lands] and great public lands and treasures. They've been so irresponsible the past year, as well as the White House".

Several bathrooms were shut down included this one at the highway 120 entrance in Yosemite National Park in Yosemite Calif. on Monday Jan. 22 2018. The National Park is hoping to return to full staff soon after the US Senate voted to end the Federal

National park employees will not be available for guidance or help and emergency and rescue services will also be limited.

Yellowstone is not the only national park to have experienced illegal activities since Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke directed his deputies to make public lands as accessible as possible during the partial shutdown. According to an official from the National Parks Service, likely closures include culturally sensitive areas with artifacts and places that pose safety hazards.

In Philadelphia, the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall - where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were signed - were closed.

Former Interior Department officials have warned that the move to keep the parks open may endanger visitors. USA Today said "essential" federal employees are still working, and key government functions such as national security operations and law enforcement are still running.

But that doesn't justify keeping these sites open without proper staffing and services, he warned.

The federal government will stop paying staff for duties that are classed as "non-essential", which affects many but not all tourist facilities in the country. The American public and especially our veterans who come to our nation's capital are finding war memorials and open air parks open to the public. At the Grand Canyon, private donations funded garbage removal, restroom maintenance, and snow removal.