Simple text link can freeze recipient's iPhone: security researcher

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This new type of attack is called a "text bomb" and in this case, it can affect iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

According to BuzzFeed News, Twitter user @aaronp613, who tested the bug, said that after the link is sent, "The device will freeze for a few minutes".

Discovered by Chicago-based software developer Abraham Masri, the flaw redirects the Messages app to a page stored on Github, a hosting service for computer code, which exploits the bug.

Apple has promised a fix is incoming for a malicious text message issue, which has been causing the iOS and, reportedly, macOS devices to freeze. The automatic preview feature of the messages app unleashes the havoc.

"The bug I released was to get @Apple's attention".

You don't have to click the link to be impacted, someone just has to text it to you. In 2015, an iMessage bug caused phones to crash if they received a text with the words "effective".

You can also block the Github domain in Safari, but that won't work if someone has posted the code on a different domain. They experienced crashes and severe lags and was only resolved once the link was deleted from the iMessage app.

Considering Apple's software's bad time from the end of past year, the company is expected to be more alert and responsive in 2018.

He claimed Apple needed to "take such bugs more seriously", in a series of tweets detailing the flaw, dubbed chaiOS.

As if Apple didn't have enough on its plate dealing with backlash caused by shady iPhone "power management" operations, yet another major iOS bug has been discovered. There's no word on whether Apple will issue an update to fix, though this is likely.