Princess Charlotte Already Speaks Spanish To Her Nanny

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Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, whose real name is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, is fourth in line of succession to the British throne, after her paternal grandfather, her father, and her elder brother.

"She (Borrallo) said she is trying to teach Charlotte Spanish and said George can count up to ten in Spanish already".

Princess Charlotte recently started full-time nursery school at Willcocks Nursery School in London, the Associated Press reported.

A spokesperson for The Willcocks Nursery School previously said in a statement: "We are delighted that The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have chosen the Willcocks Nursery School for Princess Charlotte".

After all, the two will act on behalf of the royal family when they grow up, undertaking engagements and tours all around the world, and Spanish is the second most widely-spoken language in the world.

Princess Charlotte speaks Spanish as well as English, despite being only two years old.

Yes, it's true - according to People, the super confident toddler can already speak a few words in the native tongue of her nanny, Maria Borrallo, who comes from Palencia in Spain. It charges just over 3,000 pounds a term ($4,000) for those who attend mornings Monday to Friday.

It has also been revealed why Charlotte won't attend the same nursery as her older brother did.

According to magazine, the precocious toddler, who is attending Willcocks Nursery School in Kensington, already speaks two languages - a skill most people can not claim.