The Consumer Electronics Show lost electricity because irony knows no bounds

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Security staff told Engadget that a "power outage" has affecting all halls except East. Attendees were blocked from entering Central Hall, where the main lighting was briefly down. - this included Engadget's own stage presence at CES.

The Consumer Technology Association, which runs the event, has thanked visitors for their patience.

That was enough to cut the power Wednesday, even though the sun had come out by then. Power was restored to the convention center after two hours.

"Today at approximately 11:15 a.m. PT, the Central Hall and South Hall bridge meeting rooms at the Las Vegas Convention Center lost power", CTA said in a joint statement with the Las Vegas Visitor and Convention Authority and NV Energy.

Of course, the highly unusual, and ironic, event prompted plenty of people and brands to light up Twitter with jokes about the #CESBlackout2018.

LAS VEGAS-On the first day of CES, Tuesday, a record 1.33 inches of rain fell, the wettest one-day downpour since the Weather Service began keeping records in 1937.

CES attracts about 180,000 attendees and roughly 4,000 exhibitors.

The blackout sparked lots of amusing reactions on social media.

And in a sign of the huge energy draw from the tech show, once the crowds were let back in, the return to full, blazing electronic glory was slow.

And the more socially conscious pointed out the hypocrisy of being bent out of shape over a brief blackout at CES when an entire territory of the United States has been without power for months...


What happens to all those internet-connected refrigerators, robots and other devices when the power goes out?

Intel posted a photo of a darkened hall of the show, with the caption, "Introducing Blackoutâ„¢: The biggest thing to hit #CES2018 since #5G".

At least one display remained operational during the blackout: Energizer.