Tommy Wiseau finally gets his Golden Globe moment … kind of

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When James was giving his acceptance speech for playing Tommy Wiseau in The Disaster Artist, Ally was watching and tweeting some serious shade.

HollywoodLifers, what do you think Ally is talking about in her tweets?

This is Franco's first Golden Globes win on his fourth nomination, having previously been named in this category for Pineapple Express, in the dramatic category for 127 Hours, and in the miniseries category for James Dean.

Franco directed and starred in the picture, which tells the story of how Wiseau, an eccentric and enigmatic aspiring filmmaker, made the cult hit, "The Room".

Wiseau and his friend Greg Sestero - costar in "The Room" and co-writer of the book "The Disaster Artist" that inspired Franco's film - were at a separate table farther back in the room.

Franco attended the Golden Globes last night where he won the award for Best Lead Actor in a Comedy for The Disaster Artist.

"I love him more than anything", James exclaimed. Finally, he thanked his brother Dave, saying, "I always wanted my own Coen brothers, now we have our own Franco brothers".

Fast forward to 2018, and both men are a part of the Golden Globes itself.

Thankfully, we don't have to wonder what Wiseau would have said if he had gotten hold of the mic; he went ahead and revealed a few words of his planned remarks to The Los Angeles Times after the fact. I know they don't want me, guy with accent, long hair, so I show them.

"James Franco only prevented Tommy Wiseau from speaking at the Golden Globes out of fear of for how powerful his message would have been", blasted another. I don't wait for Hollywood.

Upon accepting the award, Franco called Wiseau up to the stage to join him.

And if you haven't seen The Room, change that immediately. And, just as it seemed the moment could not have gotten any more awkward, it did.