Jennifer Lawrence is a black widow agent in new Red Sparrow trailer

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Dominika Egorova (Lawrence) is a Sparrow, a weapon "in the global struggle for power". It's here, except it's called Red Sparrow and it stars Jennifer Lawrence speaking in a Russian accent while donning an array of flattering outfits. She takes out a man in the shower using a faucet!

Dominika endures a perverse and sadistic training process, and emerges as the most risky, seductive and manipulative Sparrow the program has ever produced.

Joel Edgerton, meanwhile, plays an American CIA agent who embarks on an affair with her - but may also be targeted by her, or could possibly be looking to defect. And neither does her mother.

It's not a bad accent, though it's clear why the first trailer wanted to focus on the eerie visuals and the wordless chemistry between Lawrence and Joel Edgerton's American CIA agent.

A handsome young woman with considerable ballerina training is transformed by her nefarious Russian superiors (through a covert-ops program) to be a world-class assassin and spy.

This all leads up to Joel Edgerton's Central Intelligence Agency agent telling her, "You belong to them. they will never let you go". Then she finds herself in a life-threatening situation where she must call upon all she has learned.

"One of the things that drew me into the story, is that it really is a personal story for a character, which I think is pretty rare in terms of the spy genre". But the newest trailer is all about Lawrence's Dominika Egorova, as she makes the painful journey from prima ballerina to ruthless Soviet secret agent. She only ends up becoming a "sparrow" because she loves her mother, and I imagine it's her "soul", which Jeremy Irons' General Vladimir Andreievich Korchnoi calls her weakness, that will allow her to win her own freedom from anything that would imprison her.