Trump administration requests $18 billion for border wall

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President Trump made a border wall between the USA and Mexico one of his campaign's promises, and while the issue has repeatedly been kicked down the road, it appears that the President will pull out all the stops in order to get funding for a border wall, including offering to protect undocumented immigrants.

"We all want DACA to happen but we all want great security for our country", Trump said.

Trump in September ordered that an Obama-era program that prevented young immigrants from being deported should end in six months. Trump has previously said there will be no DACA without funding for the border wall he promised during his campaign as well as changes to tighten the immigration system.

Urgent negotiations aimed at shielding young, undocumented immigrants from deportation intensified on Thursday as Republican U.S. senators emerged from a meeting with President Donald Trump expressing confidence a deal could be struck this month.

Democratic lawmakers have already rejected that compromise, and the standoff could lead to a federal government shutdown. His priorities include tightening a family-based immigration policy that allows naturalized citizens and certain immigrants to petition for relatives to come to the U.S. and eliminating the Diversity Visa Lottery, a state department program that helps citizens of countries with historically low rates of immigration to come to the US.

Republican and Democratic leaders are also scheduled to meet with Trump at the White House on Tuesday to talk about immigration legislation.

But Trump, and many others, have questioned why Democrats are so opposed to a wall when they supported a barrier twice - in 2006 and 2013.

The Democrats want to make DACA the focus of January's negotiations around funding the government, and Trump sees this as the flawless moment to throw in his border wall gambit.

'Our discussions on border security and enforcement with Democrats are much further apart, and that is key to getting a bipartisan deal on DACA, ' senators Thom Tillis and James Lankford said in a statement.