The Crown: Helena Bonham Carter near deal to play Princess Margaret

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If the critical raves surrounding the first two seasons of The Crown weren't enough to get you to watch, maybe the casting of Helena Bonham Carter will. She picks up the role from Claire Foy, who received an Emmy nod and a Golden Globe for her performance in Season 1. Vanessa Kirby has portrayed the controversial character for the past two seasons.

Carter is reportedly nearing a deal to ascend to The Crown, according to Entertainment Weekly. Now, it seems that Helena Bonham Carter is tipped to take over the role as Princess Margaret.

This post contains mild spoilers for The Crown's second season.

The Crown, created by Peter Morgan, tells the inside story of Queen Elizabeth II's early reign as the fragile social order established after WWII breaks apart.

British actress Olivia Colman (who you've probably seen in many TV shows and movies before) has already been confirmed to replace Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II and this morning, reports have started floating around the internet saying that Peter has found his new Princess Margaret!

With the first two seasons spanning approximately 20 years (each season taking place over the course of 10 years or so), it's reasonable for the older actors to take over - and the transition shouldn't be too jarring, with the show making emphatic efforts to subtly age up the original cast as the episodes have gone by. She has some experience playing a member of the royal family.

According to the Evening Standard, Bonham Carter was in the running to play Elizabeth before the decision that she would play Margaret.

She starred opposite Colin Firth in The King's Speech in 2011 - in which, she coincidentally played Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret's mother.

The second season, which premiered December 8 on the streaming service, ended with Margaret marrying Matthew Goode's Earl of Snowdon and pregnant with their first child.