What's for Christmas? $300k in marijuana, says elderly couple

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It might not be Santa's sleigh, but there was a whole lot of holly-jolly traveling from California to Vermont just in time for the holidays.

An 80-year-old man and a 70-year old woman were arrested in Nebraska for carrying over 60 pounds (approximately 27 kilos) of marijuana in their truck.

According to York County officials, the Jirons claimed they meant to give the bags of marijuana to family and friends for Christmas this year. Patrick Jiron then admitted there was "contraband" in the vehicle, the sheriff's department said, and allowed the deputies to search the truck. The sheriff's office initially reported incorrect ages for the couple, the York News Times said.

The driving error proved more costly than normal when officers immediately smelled raw cannabis as they spoke to the couple through the driver's window.

Police detained $336,000 worth of marijuana from the elderly couple.

Marijuana is illegal in Nebraska, even though a handful of states, including California and Nebraska's neighbour Colorado, have legalised the drug for recreational use.

We attempted to reach out to the York County Sheriff Department for clarification on this law and how it affects non-residents passing over state lines.

The couple was being held in York County jail, but Barbara was later released "due to some medical issues", reports the York News-Times.

Patrick Jiron was arrested on charges of marijuana possession with the intent to deliver and having no drug tax stamp. Her husband Patrick was released shortly after he posted 10 per cent of his US$100,000 bond.