Young man meets 81-year-old he befriended on 'Words with Friends'

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A young man finally met the 86-year-old woman he befriended through an online word game, and now their friendship is melting hearts.

Spencer and Roz live more than 13 hours apart, he is from the U.S. state of Maryland and she lives in a retirement village in Florida. Find out more in the video above.

The two were brought together by Rev. Amy Butler, a New York City pastor and the mother of a friend of Sleyon's.

Still, while they may be all smiles in person, it sounds as though their games are fairly intense, with Spencer showing no signs of going easy on his pal despite being more than six decades her junior.

'We played 300+ games together and she actually ended up becoming a good friend of mine.

Even "Words with Friends" is loving these photos. Ms Butler arranged for the pair to meet face-to-face in West Palm Beach. "Words With Friends" heard about the in-person meeting and tweeted, "We can't get enough of this!" And last week that got to meet for the very first time. Yet the two became unlikely friends as they continued to play Words with Friends matches against one another. Butler decided to make the trip happen after hearing Sleyon tell her daughter about his virtual friendship. Their first meet and greet was as sweet as you can imagine.