Russian Federation banned from Olympics, athletes can compete as 'neutral'

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In a statement released after it met in Lausanne, Switzerland, the committee said it had acted upon the recommendations of an IOC commission headed by the former Swiss President Samuel Schmid to investigate Russian doping. Despite winning a best-in-field 33 medals at the Sochi games at the time, the official record books now show the Russians with 11 fewer, owing to punishments for the country's reportedly extensive and pervasive use of doping.

While hewing to the right of clean athletes to compete, Tuesday's decision placed the collective responsibility on the Russian system.

"They will compete with a uniform bearing this name (OAR) and under the Olympic Flag", the IOC said in its ruling.

As noted, the Russian athletes who were not involved in doping scandal may be allowed to play and compete under a neutral flag.

Thomas Bach, the president of the IOC, has said he was perturbed not only by Russia's widespread cheating but by how it had been accomplished: by corrupting the Olympic laboratory that handled drug testing at the games, and on orders from Russia's own Olympic officials.

Bach said: "This should serve as a catalyst for a more effective anti-doping system led by Wada". "Working with the IOC Athletes' Commission, we will now look for opportunities to make up for the moments they have missed on the finish line or on the podium".

After CAS dismisses the Russian appeal, the International Olympic Committee executive decides that any Russian wanting to compete in Rio will have to prove that he or she was not involved in doping.

"I very much regret that the International Olympic Committee made such a odd decision", Mikhail Fedotov, chairman of the Presidential Council on Human Rights, told Interfax on Tuesday.

Speaking to Yekaterina Nogerova, whose 6-year-old daughter was skating out on the ice, Lucian says that she says a decision against Russian Federation would be a "catastrophe" for her. Nogerova also said she's upset that the consequences will likely punish athletes and fans, but not people in the government.

Canadian women's hockey legend Hayley Wickenheiser was among the Olympians to express an opinion.

Russian athletes will be able to compete at the Olympics under a neutral flag. "I believe in the power of the Olympic Games in its purest form".

The commission based its findings on an independent report by Canadian lawyer Richard McLaren that was commissioned by the World Anti-Doping Agency and published a year ago.

The suspension followed the Schmid Report, which confirmed "the systemic manipulation of the anti-doping rules and system in Russia".

"The Russian athletes have been tested more than other by a considerable margin", Budgett said.

Russian officials have refused to acknowledge the scope and depth of the findings about the country's Olympic teams, saying that the problems were limited to individual athletes.