A date bug in iOS 11 might crash your iPhone today

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If you awoke Saturday morning to find your iPhone or iPad crashing when you get notifications, there's a fix waiting for you: a major update from Apple that also adds some new features. The issue was reported in many countries.

It also pushed an 11.2 iOS update yesterday to fix the problem.

Embedded as part of Messages, Apple Pay Cash allows users in the U.S.to send money to other Apple Pay users via a prepaid cash card which can be used for Apple Pay transactions. Apple Pay Cash is only available in the USA, though it has not been activated in the country. It also introduces Apple Pay Cash, faster wireless charging, and various big fixes.

Fortunately, Apple listened to the user feedback it received and rolled out iOS 11.1.1. Apple hasn't said anything about the bug, but has put up a new support page on the web. After a month, we have the new iOS 11.2 update which brings some more features to your device.

Repeat for all the apps you want to disable.

A bug in iOS 11.1.2 is making iPhones to crash continuously once the clock strikes 12:15 am on the 2 of December 2017.

Apparently, there is a bug in iOS 11.1.2 that is causing iPhones to crash if third-party apps use recurring notifications.

Numerous comments were complaining about Apple, saying that the iOS 11 was the most problematic iOS version which included problems of receiving sound when talking on the phone, of music settings, overheating and system crashes.

As Apple says, updating to iOS 11.2 fixes the problem.

This has been a bad week for Apple's Quality Assurance team.

That's right. You have to disable each app's notification individually. On November 28, a root bug was revealed allowing anyone to access a mac running the latest High Sierra operating system.