Mortar Shell Barrage from Gaza Strip, IDF Retaliates

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The Israeli army said it had struck four "military" targets belonging to two militant groups, Hamas and Islamic Jihad, and two "terror infrastructure targets".

Several mortar shells were fired at an Israeli military outpost near the northern Gaza Strip on Thursday causing material damage without causing any injuries, according to Israeli media. Seven Palestinians were killed in the initial attack, and Israel later said it had recovered the bodies of five more militants who were reported missing.

Officials in Gaza said three civilians were lightly wounded in one of the Israeli strikes. At least two Palestinians were injured, according to Gaza's Health Ministry. But the tunnel incident also has increased friction between Israel and Islamic Jihad, the second-largest militant group in the strip, which had threatened revenge for the deaths of its fighters. The attack was carried out in response to high-trajectory fire at an IDF post in the northern Gaza Strip. Palestinians face near daily fire from forces while tending to their farmland near the border with Israel and while fishing within the reduced fishing area.

The army generally holds Hamas responsible for all rocket-fire originating from the Gaza Strip.

In separate statements, Palestinian factions stressed that it's the resistance's right to retaliate for the Israeli attacks.

In late October, the IDF blew up a tunnel stretching from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory.