YouTube's new Reels feature will let you publish stories ala Instagram

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The feature resembles the short-form video format pioneered by Snapchat Stories, which has since been adopted by Instagram, Skype, Facebook and Facebook's Messenger app, according to TechCrunch.

Increase your reach: We've seen creators successfully cross-promote other channels and creators they love through Community, such as Anwar, Hannah, Lele helping drive traffic to Rudy's first music video launch. Additionally, Reels can be made up to 30 seconds each, creators can make multiple Reels, and they won't expire.

YouTube is reportedly testing a new feature called "Reels", which will be similar to the Stories feature you now see on Snapchat and Instagram.

There's also another major difference: Videos inside Reels won't disappear after 24 hours, as stories normally do, and won't need to be under a centralised feed either.

Reels presently is being tested among a small set of YouTube's creators, and the firm has not disclosed about the release date of the "new format" worldwide. YouTube has some other features planned, as well, including stickers described as "YouTube-y" plus linking to YouTube videos - for Reels, that is.

In a blog post aimed at YouTube creators, Roy Livne, senior product manager, said: "We want to do even more to give you easy ways to express yourself and engage with fans, so today we're also unveiling a new feature".

The Community tab on YouTube is now available for all channels with over 10,000 subscribers.

YouTube will experiment with a beta version of Reels with a limited number of users before "expanding to more creators", added Livne. Talking an example, a YouTuber can create a post video Reels to a folder from an all-day event. Reels is now in beta mode and the final product is expected to launch soon, but after proper experimentation.

YouTube, the Google-owned video service with 1.5 billion monthly visitors, is testings "Reels" for content creators who have more than 10,000 subscribers on the platform, per a company blog post. "Reels" come few days after the arrival of the "pinch-to-zoom" feature in YouTube. These accounts will now have the ability to post text, images, polls, GIFs, and host livestreams for their fans. The Community was introduced a year ago, aiming to make the platform bit more engaging for both creators and viewers. Users will also have the opportunity to evaluate the Reels, putting them huskies or dslan.