Protester interrupts Roy Moore event: 'Are all the girls lying?'

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Playing fictional character Jake Byrd, comic Tony Barbieri wore a shirt that read "Gimme Moore" while interrupting Moore's speech to shout that the ex-judge is a "man's man", and asking if the Senate candidate's mug looks "like the face of a molester".

The women accuse Moore of making several unwanted phone calls in an attempt to solicit a romantic relationship, as well as inappropriately touching and kissing them. "But I do know the that likelihood [is high] that there's going to be a vacancy sometime during President Trump's term and Senator Moore's [potential] term", he continues, "and we would much rather have someone supporting the nominee of President Trump as opposed to having someone. fighting to deny Donald Trump his choice for the Supreme Court".

He insists that the allegations claiming he initiated a sexual encounter with a 14-year-old girl when he was 32 are untrue and he denies the stories of several other women who went public with their experiences with him when they were also teens. "They've brought these accusations up, but they have no witnesses of each incident". "They're liberals. They don't hold conservative values". They are socialists who want to change our way of life and put man above God and the government is our God.

Kimmel hit back by referencing the allegations against Moore: "OK Roy, but I'm leaving my daughters at home!"

There was at least one heckler present among the congregation who questioned Moore's testimony.

And he called the attacks against him a "conspiracy".

A protester then interrupted Moore's remarks, yelling, "Are all the girls lying?" "You ought to be ashamed. You got this judge!" "I doubt Kimmel would ever disrupt a service at a mosque..."

The president will instead appear at a "Make America Great Again" rally on Friday night, December 8, at the Pensacola Bay Center, according to a person familiar with the planning who was unauthorized to discuss the president's movements publicly. There is nothing religious or Godly about a grown man taking advantage of young girls.