American faces scheduling glitch

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American Airlines had a computer glitch in its scheduling system, allowing all of its pilots and some staff members to take vacation during the week of Christmas.

Spokesman Matt Miller said the airline's employees are, "working diligently to address the issue and expect to avoid cancellations this holiday season".

"We have reserve pilots to help cover flying in December, and we are paying pilots who pick up certain open trips 150% of their hourly rate".

But it's bad news if you booked it with American Airlines.

"This is certainly not routine", Dennis Tajer, a spokesman for the union, told the publication. "This is a crisis right now, and in that crisis, they've gone solo".

American isn't saying how many flights are affected, but the pilots' union says that about 15,000 flights were scheduled without a captain, a co-pilot or both.

However, the union has filed a grievance against the airline, stating this violates pilot contracts.

According to a statement from the union, the incident and the airline's offering for fixing the situation is "in direct violation" of union contracts.

As of early on Wednesday, the union said management had still not reached out to discuss how best to resolve the shortage. "As a result, thousands of flights now do not have pilots assigned to fly them during the upcoming critical holiday period", the union stated.

"I'm watching a "Grinch that stole Christmas" thing happening".