Increasing pressure on authorities over Manus Island humanitarian crisis

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The men inside the camp, who include asylum seekers from Afghanistan, Iran, Myanmar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Syria, said they will continue to defy attempts to shut the camp.

The remaining men, who have been held on Manus for more than four years, insist they should be resettled in third countries and not simply transferred to another detention camp in PNG.

Four hundred and twenty-one refugees and asylum seekers holed up in the Manus Island detention centre have been told by Papua New Guinea's government they must leave on Monday or face forcible eviction, as another legal challenge goes to court, and worldwide pressure continues to mount on Australia to intervene. "The refugees are only watching them", he said.

"What Australia is doing is inhumane, and that is why we are here locking down the Australian high commission".

Fr Roche said before they were not allowed to go inside the centre to help the refugees and asylum seekers, but after the current move to the new facilities at Lorangau, they are able to provide help to the refugees and asylum seekers with charitable groups.

The men fear violent reprisals from the Manus island community if they move from the camp to three transit centers, pending possible resettlement to the United States. They have entered the camp to destroy shelters and remove bins in which drinking water was being stored but they have not tried to forcibly evict anyone.

But he said none of the refugees agreed to move yesterday to alternative facilities in the island's main town.

Personnel from the PNG immigration department inside the detention centre. Everyone has the right to seek asylum and the Australian government is not above the law.

"It is time for the New Zealand government to do more than offer to take 150 refugees from Manus or Nauru", she said.

"I see the human face of this and I see the need and the role New Zealand needs to play".

"The refugees are watching them fearfully...(they) are extremely scared by immigration threat but still saying we will not leave this prison camp for another prison camp", he said. "No matter what label you put on it there is absolute need and there is harm being done". I think it's clear that we don't see what's happening there as acceptable, that's why the offer's there'.