SCAM ALERT! Australians warned of hoax Netflix email

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The latest phishing scam, which Mailguard said it first detected this past Friday, mimics an email from the streaming service telling the user that their account is going to be suspended unless they update their billing information.

Police are warning those who receive the email to avoid clicking on any links or open attachments from any trusted organisation. It might be helpful while spotting a Netflix email scam. News reports indicate more than 100 million subscribers may have been targeted by the scam so far.

According to MailGuard, a website which tracks email security issues, this scam is relatively well-designed and could fool some users.

The subscriber is then asked to give their log-in information, credit card number.

Click on the link and, surprise surprise, you'll end up on a fake Netflix site where you'll be asked to enter your login details along with other personal details, including your credit card information.

If you suspect an email or text message is not from Netflix, do not reply to it. Follow the steps below to forward it to us.

Get any emails from Netflix lately? If subscribers have questions about their account status, Netflix said they can visit to read up on on the company's security protocols, or contact customer service about the status of their billings and payment methods.

The company made a statement that it takes subscribers' accounts seriously, and it will continue to take measures to recognize fraudulent activity to keep all accounts safe.