Firms boost voluntary living wage for 150000 workers

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Thousands of workers in the North West are set to receive a pay rise of between 30p and 45p an hour because of new rates for the voluntary living wage announced on Monday.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said: "I pledged to ensure the London Living Wage rises to beyond £10 and I am delighted that has been achieved". Employees in London will have their hourly pay lifted from £9.75 to £10.20. Currently, businesses do not need to pay it but can sign up to it voluntarily.

As it is calculated by the real cost of living, the "real" living wage is consistently higher in London than it is elsewhere in the United Kingdom - great news for anyone paying a grand a month for a cupboard in Zone 4.

Some Hackney employers, including the Picturehouse cinema opposite the Town Hall, pay some staff less than LLW.

Glanville tweeted a year ago to say he was "happy to return to my boycott" of Picturehouse over its refusal to pay LLW.

Industry figures revealed this summer that the chain's increasing popularity showed no sign of slowing as Lidl overtook Waitrose to become the seventh-largest supermarket in the UK. Paying the London living wage is not only the action of a responsible organisation, but a successful one too.

Heathrow today became the first airport in the country to sign up for the LLW - joining more than 1,000 employers across the capital who are already accredited.

Lidl has raised its wages to bring them in line with the Living Wage Foundation rate of pay, making it the highest-paying supermarket in the UK.

The report revealed that three in five (59%) who earned below the RLW had experienced a sharp rise in living costs, whereas almost two times as many (17%) noticed a decline in pay compared to those who experienced an increase (9%).

It's important to note that the "real" living wage is different from the government's national minimum wage, now known as the National Living Wage (if you're over 25). "Nine out of ten accredited Living Wage employers report real benefits including improved retention, reputation, recruitment and staff motivation".

Living Wage Week 2017 runs until 11 November, with events taking place across the UK.