Is Kylie Jenner Planning A Gender Reveal Photo Shoot?

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On her Instagram account, the Kylie Cosmetics founder posted a photo of her pink nails and pink butterfly rings, and her fans believe this was her way of confirming that she's having a baby girl.

Not only have there been signs pointing to this fan theory, but the mom-to-be's latest Instagram post certainly suggests something big is on the way!

Jenner's almond-brown eyes perfectly compliment whatever hair color she chooses for the day, which explains why she doesn't really mess with them.

"Soooo maybe it's a girl?" wondered another.

The pictures are just some of Jenner's most recent "clues" leaving fans constantly guessing about her alleged pregnancy. Could it be she's doing a pink-themed photo shoot to reveal that she's about to have a baby girl? But she's no stranger to posting some subtle hints on her social media channels. Although Kylie's mother, known as the "momager" of the family, has big plans for the pregnancy reveal, The Hollywood Gossip states that Kylie is ready to let everyone know she's pregnant and is sick of hiding. Well, People magazine reports that Kylizzle is due in February, but she's trying her best to keep a low profile. In the summer, the couple got themselves matching butterfly tattoos on their ankles and one of Scott's most popular tracks is called "Butterfly Effect". Unfortunately, Jenner has stayed mum about everything related to her pregnancy.

"She feels good, but her body is changing", the source added.

However, it's the prospect of more grandkids that excites Kris, rather the thought of cashing in on all five of her daughters being pregnant at the same time. She has family and friends come to her house instead so she has company.