IOS 11.1 Beta 2: What Are The New Changes?

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Features that come with the update could also take up more processing power, and older phones may simply struggle to keep up.

Some conspire that Apple intentionally slows down older iPhone performance with every new iPhone release, a tactic known as "planned obsolescence", in order to encourage iPhone owners with older devices to upgrade to a new device. This v1.23 update brings some significant improvements.

Last month, Apple released iTunes 12.7, a revamped version of the service that was didn't include some of the old iTunes features such as the ability to browse, sync, and install iOS apps and ringtones using the desktop. After installation is complete, you can continue to deploy apps with iTunes.

According to reddit though, it isn't as cut and dried as installing the new version (12.6.3; yes, it's a little confusing) and downloading apps. There are several new food choices too in the iOS 11.1 emojis.

"The graphs for CPU performance show a very slight drop in performance over time - possibly due to minor iOS updates or other factors - but a user would be unlikely to notice this small difference in everyday use", said Futuremark.

If you find a bug or problems lurking about, make sure you report it to Apple so that its engineers can get to work on a fix.

There is no any information regarding the compatibility of this new set of emojis to which devices.

Apple has not yet unveiled as to when it will be rolling the user version of iOS 11.1 to the well-matched iPad and iPhone models, or when will these be arriving to the watchOS or macOS. Apple is now looking for feedbacks from the users around the world, soon they will fix down all the issues regarding the compatibility issues. More faces, of course, including star-struck, a literal head exploding face and an emoji that raises one eyebrow. We would let you update with all the announcements made by Apple in the coming days.