When Will We Truly Celebrate Indigenous Peoples?

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Columbus Day is set to be celebratedon Monday, and many leftists see the holiday as offensive.

Vivolo says Italian-Americans are proud of their heritage and respect all ethnicities.

Perhaps in light of this, a Marist/Knights of Columbus (KOC) poll conducted in September found that 57 percent of Americans said they think "it is a good idea.to have a holiday named after Christopher Columbus".

Accusations by some historians that the Italian explorer opened the Americas to enslavement, genocide and "cultural destruction" have led some US cities to cancel local Columbus Day parades and other commemorations and rename the holiday Indigenous Peoples' Day. Mayor Bill de Blasio, a Democrat and an Italian-American, put together a commission to review statues of controversial figures on city property and to come up with suggestions for how they should be handled.

Columbus Day parades are also caught up in the winds of change. The federal holiday in the USA this year is October 9.

He said that even five centuries after the voyage, "we remember the "Admiral of the Ocean Sea" for building the critical first link in the strong and enduring bond between the United States and Europe".

They're told that Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas, leading to colonies on this side of the pond. Before being given its official federal holiday designation, Columbus Day was celebrated in many communities in this country dating back to 1792. Sixteen percent disagreed. Fifty-six percent view Columbus either "favorably" or "very favorably"; half as many, or 28 percent, take a negative view of the navigator.

"If people have problems, call your local politician, do a letter writing campaign, sign a petition to have the statue removed if you don't like it", explained Pratt.

Gonzales says Columbus Day marks the beginning of a period of time in the calendar year that can be painful for and insensitive toward native communities. "And while we can't change the past, we can acknowledge and make that history right today".

But the gesture to recognize victims of European colonialism has also outraged Italian-Americans.

Among the communities to have officially gone to Indigenous Peoples Day as of past year are East Lansing and Ann Arbor.

An event at RIT Wednesday will discuss the value of honoring Indigenous Peoples Day instead of Columbus Day.

There's talk of changing the name of Columbus Circle and taking down the statue.

And if you're wondering what happened to the grand Columbus Day celebration that was planned to end in the San Francisco Bay, that ship never sailed.