Title Change In the WWE Hell In a Cell Opener Tonight

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Rawley and Ryder took control early, looking to rebound from a string of losses.

Kick-Off MatchChad Gable and Shelton Benjamin vs.

Where these two teams go from here isn't clear. Among them will be a tag team title bout as well as a possible epic clash featuring "SmackDown" Commissioner #Shane Mcmahon against superstar Kevin Owens. The Viper tried to make a comeback, but Rusev had an answer for nearly every move.

With the glut of titles in the WWE these days, including the World, Universal, Intercontinental, the once prestigious United States title doesn't seem to have the same cachet that it used to have.

- Above is video of new WWE United States Champion Baron Corbin talking to Renee Young and Peter Rosenberg on Talking Smack after his big win at Hell In a Cell last night.

There were a few nice sequences involving the three as The Phenomenal One and The Perfect 10 displayed chemistry befitting of performers of their ilk. Despite Neville criticizing him for being too soft to get ahead, and despite having opportunities during the match, he wouldn't cheat against Neville, and eventually ended up winning cleanly.

After Ric Flair's health scare last month, Charlotte Flair returned to SmackDown Live with new sympathy from the WWE Universe.

-The tag titles weren't the only titles to change hands.

-Charlotte won in the women's title match, however, she did not win the title, as it came via DQ.

Current WWE SmackDown champion Jinder Mahal managed to retain his title after beating Shinsuke Nakamura.

Mahal was brought back to the ring by Nakamura while trying to flee through the crowds. It was short lived however, as Mahal reversed a knee strike which did some considerable damage. The Hype Bros have been failing to find success as of late and a win here could be the turnaround that they need. Ziggler immediately hit him with a Zig Zag after the win though. A slight distraction of the referee cost Nakamura, as Mahal grabbed the rope to break the pin. Nakamura escaped an attempt at the Khallas, missed a second Kinshasa, and finally got caught with the Khallas. While Booby Roode handed Dolph Ziggler a beating to secure his pay-per-view win. And his Smackdown career has been off to a slow start.

Not long after though, Ziggler locked in a sleeper hold that nearly put the Glorious One to sleep. He missed a superkick which Roode turned into a spinebuster and nearly a DDT. If WWE brass want people to cheer for Roode, then putting him against someone who is guaranteed to get boo'ed is a smart way to try making it happen. Ziggler immediately hit Roode with a Zig Zag once the final bell rang, likely meaning the feud will continue beyond Hell in a Cell.

This ought to be a standard Shane McMahon coordinate: some high spots, some very bad punches, and doing the activity to put over the full-time ability.

A personal rivalry, filled with intensity and tension, was ready to boil over. The Usos go on the offensive with more kendo sticks and the pace slows down quite a bit at that point.

Shane-O-Mac picked dragged Owens onto another announce table before proceeding back up the cage for one of his now-signature suicide dives. The match excelled most when it actually made use of the fact that it was a triple threat encounter. A reversal of a Swanton Bomb gave McMahon some time to recover and get some shots in.

On a lighter note, McMahon took the "Jumpman" brand to heart, as he had on a pair of customized Air Jordan 31s for the Hell in a Cell event.

With momentum fully on his side, McMahon hit Owens with a coast-to-coast and almost won the match.

Will KO hit his boss with a Pop-Up Powerbomb from the top of the cell though? The two fighting on top of the cell was great to watch, and Shane can put on a great show when the occasion requires it.

Zayn, a long-time rival of Owens, pulled his former foe off the table as McMahon began his leap of faith.

While the table dive was scripted, the scariest part of the iconic Undertaker-Mankind match from 1998 is an unscripted tumble Mankind took through the roof of the cage when metal fasteners broke during a choke-slam. Regarding Sami Zayn helping Kevin Owens defeat Shane McMahon in the main event, AJ says Shane really got beat by Sami, not Owens.