Rams vs. Cowboys: Highlights, game tracker and more

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Who: L.A. Rams vs. And the Rams did to the Cowboys what the Cowboys want to do their opponents: grind the clock to bits. Look for Lawrence to remain a big factor in this game, as the LA offensive line will have their hands full. In one of the biggest games he'll play in 2017, the second year QB went 21 of 36 for 255 yards, two touchdowns and zero turnovers, as Los Angeles beats the Dallas Cowboys 35-30 at a stunned Jerry World.

Garrett sidestepped a question on whether the Cowboys would do something similar Sunday against the Los Angeles Rams in their first home game since the display. Defensively, the Rams are yielding 25.0 points and 343.7 total yards (204.7 in passing and 139.0 in rushing) per game.

Alfred Morris has two carries for 76 yards, including a 70-yard run, and Ezekiel Elliott has 14 carries for 56 yards.

In the first half against the Rams, Lawrence was repeatedly double teamed and often found an additional blocker in his way en route to Jared Goff. For the first time in what probably feels like forever, the Rams can dream of a better future that involves an exciting, innovative offense - an offense that can lead the team into the postseason in the wars to come. Goff took care of the ball and helped his team stay in the game.

And while the offense as a whole has recorded a series of outstanding outings in the first three weeks of the season, Gurley recognized the challenge L.A. will face against the Cowboys.

The LA Rams have gotten off to an impressive start in their young season, and will have an opportunity this Sunday to prove to the rest of the doubters on exactly how good they are.

The Rams defense once again forced a punt, but the Rams could not convert it into a touchdown. With the correct balance and mix of play calls I think the Cowboys could really move the ball on this team.

Zuerlein's previous career high was five field goals in a 22-7 win over Denver in November 2014.

The best, however, was receiver Brice Butler's touchdown catch and his celebration was going to be a game of "Rock, Paper, Scissors" with Dez Bryant until tight end Jason Witten shut it down because the play was under review.

That's how it goes sometimes and now Rams fans can continually play the highlight of Jared Goff connecting on a 53-yard touchdown pass to Todd Gurley to give the LA Rams the lead for good.

Dak Prescott jumped into the spotlight in his rookie season previous year.

Unfortunately for the Rams, they continued to trade field goals for touchdowns.

Yes, this loss stings hard, but the worst part isn't that they lost. In the second half, Dak was under pressure far too often. Gurley has 241 yards rushing to 192 for Elliott. What we didn't know is how much progress they'd make and how quickly they'd be able to do it.