Super Mario Run Gets Big Update And 50% Discount

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To promote the new update, Nintendo is temporarily dropping the price of Super Mario Run by 50 percent. The report also states that a new mode added called "Remix 10" is also being brought to the game. While you patiently wait for next week's update, head over to our Super Mario Run wiki guide for loads of tips, tricks and a detailed walkthrough.

The Apple App Store update describes Remix 10 as taking ten mini-sections of existing "Run" levels, and combining them into one full course. In addition, Engadget says: "There's a new world (World Star) with new gameplay elements, and a Remix 10 game mode that randomizes parts of 10 levels for a fast, perpetually fresh experience". They will also get to choose a playable character aside from Mario, Princess Daisy. Each section will be chosen at random and will have no game over screens, letting players familiarize themselves with the game's mechanics. Each stage will have rainbow-colored medals for players to collect, and by finishing the stages and collecting the medals, players will be rewarded with new items to deck out their Mushroom Kingdom, as well as the opportunity to rescue and unlock Daisy. The game will be on sale from September 29 to October 12.

The update adds Daisy as a new runner as well as a new world named "World Star". Also, players can now listen to their own music other than the usual "Super Mario Run" playlist. Players can now switch between the game soundtrack and their own in-device music.

Recently, Nintendo announced that Mario is no longer considered a plumber, noting in an updated profile of the character that he worked as a plumber "a long time ago". Nintendo has also admitted that the game title's performance fell short of their expectations. If you have not started with "Super Mario Run", this is a great chance to jump on the bandwagon.