Apple TV's 4K video comes with a big catch

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Users can subscribe and sign into their favourite services, and titles are synced and streamed across Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad. Apple TV 4K supports HDR, too.

Apple TV 4K will be shipped to buyers in the USA starting September 22, 2017. Numerous streaming services, including Netflix and Amazon, have a library of 4K content that pops nicely with the Apple TV 4K. The Apple TV 4K only supports H.264, HEVC (H.265), and MP4 video formats for streaming and 4K videos on YouTube are streamed in the VP9 format, which isn't supported by the new device.

According to the guys over at MacRumors, the new 4K movies and TV shows are for streaming only, you will not be able to download the 4K content to your devices. However, he still found it hard to overcome the set-top box's lofty price tag. The Apple TV (4th generation) 32GB variant now costs Rs 12,900. He was impressed by its "easy-to-use interface" and thought its hefty helping of third-party apps boosts its appeal. Roku and Amazon have 4K models for less than $100 and non-4K versions for even less. You can use Siri, by the way, to find 4K content for you on Apple TV. "It has the same A10X Fusion chip as the iPad Pro in it, which means it's as powerful as some laptops".

The tech blog gave mixed reviews to Apple's latest set-top box, but still awarded it an overall rating of 7.5, saying Apple is "the only company that has the combination of power and care to actually do it". Colours are more vibrant, blacks are deeper, and whites are brighter.

So Apple's decision to treat 4K and HD the same is a good one.

If you ask David Carnoy over at CNET that question, he has a simple answer: "Not for most people". But if it's longer, a better Apple TV will likely be out by then.

So, who might want an Apple TV 4K?

For those looking to invest in a streaming player, Apple TV is a good choice.