Fortnite Accidentally Featured PS4, Xbox One Cross-Platform Play This Weekend

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This discovery was reported by multiple PS4 players on Reddit, after they spotted spaces in the names of players they interacted with online. The problem is, even for games like Minecraft and Rocket League that offer cross-play between PC, Xbox One, Nintendo systems, and mobile phones, Sony nearly never wants to play along.

A quick search of Xbox Live later, and yes - the player with that tag only played on Xbox.

The phenomenon was discovered two days ago by a Reddit user playing Epic Games' recently launched early access game Fortnite on the PlayStation 4.

Somehow, players are managing to play cross-platform, with anyone they want; something the game apparently, isn't created to do. I'd be all in for system exclusive games if multi-platform titles had cross-network features.

So, assuming all of this is legitimate and not just some massive mix up, it would appear that cross play has indeed been enabled in Fortnite.

The issue was first discovered by Reddit user "PRE_-CISION-_" who noticed something unusual while playing Fortnite's Battle Royale mode on his PS4.

And then yet another - as a Dad and son played together: Dad on Xbox One, son on PS4. It was a charming picture, but raised a lot of questions among the community-why wasn't this great feature announced?

Microsoft have said that they are continuing discussions with Sony regarding cross-platform play but so far the Japanese giant is refusing to allow the feature.

"We had a configuration issue and it has now been corrected."

Would enabling cross-play online be a smart move from Microsoft or Sony?

That's unwelcome news for PS4 players who want to game with their friends on Xbox.