Free pet microchipping in Collier County ahead of Hurricane Irma

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The HSUS also is giving displaced pet owners pet food and crates for their pets to sleep in, and has teams on the ground in Houston that are partnering with municipalities to help reunite flood victims with their pets.

The Humane Society partnered with Wings of Rescue,, and the Rescue Banks to make this rescue effort possible.

"There are shelters that have been devastated by Hurricane Harvey, without electricity, without supplies", said the center's president and CEO Mike Arms, who worked in partnership with Texas rescue group, Operation Pets Alive! A Santa Monica-based animal rescue organization flew 30 dogs affected by Tropical Storm Harvey from Texas to the Los Angeles area over the weekend in hopes of getting them adopted.

"We have five dogs and 55 cats coming from the Humane Society of Key Largo on Thursday", said shelter spokeswoman Cherie Wachter.

"We are taking inventory on animal shelters' critical needs in the Lowcountry and Pee Dee regions", said Elmore.

Volunteer vets with Mukwonago Animal Hospital took six for medical treatment.

Pet owners who return to their home with their pets should make sure to keep their animals leashed as they readjust to their surroundings, according to the Humane Society.

The rest of the dogs would be cleaned, fed and allowed to rest.

"We learned a lot from Katrina when everybody to us was caught unaware in the animals got left", said MARL Director Debra Boswell.

In a time of emergency, hotels can choose to lift their "no pets" policy as a courtesy, but they are not required to do that.

HAWS officials said they've received an overwhelming number of applicants for foster caregivers.

If you are unable to adopt, Animal Friends asks you to consider making a donation to support the cost of caring for the animals brought here from Texas. As the rescue progresses, HAWS officials may re-open that list, but they've stopped taking names now.

"We just really just have such a passion for animals, that if they have a need for us to take two or three then we would do that", Wipperman said.

Financial donations are also needed, as the group will also be purchasing supplies in the US due to border laws, so you can make donations to Black Dog's Paypal account.