Thousands of teenagers prepare to receive their A-level results

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Today students around the country are opening their A-level results and finding out where they might spend the next three years.

LSBU is challenging the idea that the Clearing process needs to be stressful by leading the way in helping prospective university students calmly plan and prepare so they can tackle A-level results day head on. First off, don't panic - you have options and there are lots of out there.

Then you need to check what courses are still available.

Five students have gained places have been accepted onto their courses with either Cambridge and Oxford universities. You are simply registering your interest, so that potential universities are able to see your application when you contact them.

London South Bank University's vice chancellor, Professor David Phoenix, said: "These results underline just how stressful the Clearing process can be for students and the impact it is having on their ability to make informed decisions, which will in turn affect their future career paths or job prospects".

Once you've found out the courses and universities you like the look of and have availability pick up the phone and give them a call.

"I would particularly like to thank every single one of our dedicated and inspirational staff for the excellent teaching, learning and support they have given to their students this year".

They will also quiz you about why you want to study the course you found on Clearing, have a pen and paper ready so you can take down any important details.

You can only add one at time but if they aren't confirmed by the uni you will be able to add more.

'To all those who do secure a place, remember you are embarking on a fantastic, life-enriching stage of your education.

'Make sure you take some time to think about what you want to do next, and seek advice from those who know you best - parents, teachers, and friends.

If neither of your universities accepted you, you may be entered into Clearing or offered an alternative course.

3 - Be clear about clearing: If you're going through clearing, make sure you have: a clearing guide (such as the UCAS website); access to a phone; a notebook; a pen.

To find out your exact grades, you'll need to go to your school, college, or sixth form on Thursday to find out how you performed.