Floods kill over 300, fears rise for 600 missing

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When the devastating tragic mudslide and flooding hit Freetown on 14 August 2017, Sierra Leone underwent another heartbreaking disaster after the outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease.

Mudslides and torrential flooding has killed many people in and around Sierra Leone's capital early Monday following heavy rains, with many victims thought to be trapped in homes buried under tons of mud. An independent but unofficial morgue estimate put the toll at 400 dead.

According to BBC, a mass burial of victims that had been scheduled for Wednesday in order to free up space in mortuaries has been delayed as the "chaotic" disaster continues to unfold.

"We have logistical constraints including a lack of gloves, PPE (personal protective equipment) and rain boots", he said as families gathered to identify their loved ones' bodies.

"I ran away from the house, leaving behind my family", a grieving survivor, Fatmata Kamara told The Associated Press. Information from the Red Cross showed that at least 3,000 people became homeless as a result of the disaster and the number could rise further.

The survivors, meanwhile, are facing hard conditions.

Located by the sea, Freetown -crowded with about 1.2 million inhabitants- is minted each year by floods, which cause a lot of diseases-dysenteries, and cholera in particular.

Flooding is not unusual in the region, which is experiencing its rainy season.

While Israel does not have an embassy in Sierra Leone, Netanyahu's office said Israel will send medicine, clean water, blankets and other items through its embassy in Senegal.

Some 100 rescuers, including around 30 foreigners as well as local officers and medical workers, were at the site conducting rescue work, backed by five excavators, Wang Bo, a staff member of China Railway Seventh Group who also took part in the rescue effort, told Xinhua yesterday.

" But, in life whatever God has destined it will happen, we pray that this tragedy should not happen to any country, we thank Mrs Buhari for showing concern", Dr Kabba said.

Small country in West Africa and one of the poorest in the world, Sierra Leone has an "urgent need help", he launched. Thousands of people lost their homes.

"The devastation is like nothing we've seen before". "We are focusing on the survivors, so they can recover and move ahead". Then, he added that they are are concentrating on the heirs.

In New York, the spokesperson of the UN, Stéphane Dujarric, has said that "the representatives of the united nations in Sierra Leone and its humanitarian partners are conducting assessment missions".

On Tuesday, 150 bodies were buried.

Almost half of the 400 people known to have died have already been buried, health officials say.

The European Union released 300,000 euros ($353,000) in emergency funds, while Senegalese and Ivorian delegations handed over cash and food to President Koroma, following the lead of Guinea's president on Tuesday.

Addressed to Freetown's Archbishop Charles Edward Tamba, the telegram relayed the Pope's sympathies, and assured of his prayer for all who have died.