Video Captured on Officer's Eyeglasses Helps Convict Man Who Shot Him

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Quincy Smith, who was wearing glasses fixed with a camera, was responding to reports of an attempted robbery in Estill, South Carolina, where Malcolm Orr, 29, had tried to snatch groceries from a convenience store.

Eventually, Orr takes out a gun and fires multiple shots at the officer, sending him to the ground before he manages to flee to his auto.

Officer Smith managed to get back to his patrol vehicle and notify the dispatcher of shots fired and that he needs help for a wound to the neck. Orr was sentenced to the maximum amount of time: 30 years for the attempted murder offense and five years for the weapons violation.

Smith radios in, "Dispatch E7, I will be out with that subject".

The judge handed down the sentence after a two-day trial and less than 45 minutes of jury deliberation. Orr continued walked and Officer Smith followed him, issuing warnings about stopping or getting sparked with the taser.

Estill Police Officer Quincy Smith was shot four times while responding to a suspicious persons call.

According to WJCL, Smith is still recovering both physically and emotionally. "Come here, man. Come here for a second", he is heard calling out the man in the video.

The shots broke two bones in Smith's arm and punctured a vein in his neck, but, thankfully, he survived. "Take your hands out your pocket!" He was sentenced to 35 years.

With the men just feet apart, Smith points his stun gun at Orr.

WJCL reported that Smith's neck and arm injuries have almost fully healed, and his physical therapy is nearly complete. Paramedics arrived on scene shortly afterwards and were able to save the officer's life despite the serious nature of his wounds.

"I didn't draw my firearm because at the time I didn't think it was warranted", he told WJCL.

Thankfully, Smith was able to tell his family himself. "I'm not playing with you".

"If but not for the grace of God and some very good doctors, this would not only have been a murder case, but a death penalty case", said 14th Circuit Solicitor Duffie Stone, the prosecutor in this case. Orr looks straight at him and pulls out what officials have said is a 9 mm handgun.